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FIRE IN THE NIGHT Wingate of Burma, Ethiopia and Zion

By: Bierman John and Smith Colin

Price: $35.00

Publisher: Macmillan UK, 2000

Excellent Condition. "Orde Charles Wingate was arguably the most eccentric and charismatic of all the generals on either side of World War 11, and perhaps the most brilliant and innovative. Winston Churchill thought him a military genius, others considered him greatly over-rated, a few even thought him mad." A well constructed biography of Wingate whose untimely death in an aircrash aged forty one made him one of the most controversial figures of World War 11. View more info


By: Fleming Fergus

Price: $20.00

Publisher: Granta Publications, London, 2003

Edition: 1st Edition

"a story of two fanatical adventurers who helped make the conquest of the Sahara possible. Viscomte Charles de Foucauld and Henry Laperrine, friends and contemporaries were both devoted to the glory of France and each of them found his vocation in the desert. View more info

RAIDERS; Elite Forces Attacks

By: Laffin John

Price: $32.00

Publisher: UK, Chancellor Press, 1999

Edition: 1st Edition

A dramatic, anecdotal and entertaining book, illustrated with a large selection of contemporary photographs, that will appeal to all with an interest in the great military exploits of the Second World War. The exploits recorded here range from a British commando strike against Rommel's supposed HQ in the North African desert in 1941, to the daring surveys of the Normandy beaches in preparation for Operation "Overload". View more info